Isabelle Haase


Isabelle is as hard working as she is talented. A sheer joy to work with, she surprised me at each rehearsal with her imaginative choices. Her dedication is superior and infectious. I can assure you as a professional actor, director, and teacher for almost 40 years, she is a rare and special actor. You would be most fortunate to know her.
Thomas G.Waites, Actor/Director

Give her a text and she will learn it. She is an actor that knows her lines. But she is also an actor which will listen to what you as a director want from those lines and immediately put order into action. She is flexible, hard working, principled, fast thinking She is all these things on stage and on camera. She is in love with acting in the sense that she is interested in playing a vast different array of characters
Daniel Schulz, Writer & Director

Isabelle has always been an extremly talented and passionate acting student. She pushed her limits and boundaries and always supported other students. All teachers were thrilled by her enthusiasm.
Bernd Capitain, Headmaster of the Filmactingschool Cologne

On a both professional and personal note I’d like to add that Isabelle is such a joy to work with. Her energy as well as her drive are something very unique and special that I rarely find in any of my other students.I personally can’t wait to see the wonderful places where her supreme talent will take her.
Alex Brown, American Accent Coach

Your a great person Belle. You are original and your dreams and aspirations will no doubt become a reality because of your inner drive and your unrelenting perseverance. If you want to be a professional actress, that will happen. Keep radiating your love for life and good energy and believe me you will reach your goals with ease.
Alexander Delgado, Wonderful friend

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